About Us


  • To promote the professional and industrial interests of members of the Association.
  • To provide professional development opportunities which enhance a quality support service to the Government education system in Western Australia.
  • To facilitate liaison between the Department of Education and Training and the school work site.
  • To forge links with Australian wide educational organizations of similar interests and objectives.

Culture Leadership and Management

  • Emotional intelligence in the work environment – information sharing, trust, healthy risk taking, lifetime learning.


  • The Business Manager / Registrar provides leadership and management in relation to:-
  • The school community
  • The business management and financial processes of the school
  • Human resource management of school support staff
  • Infrastructure and facility standards of the school site.

Values & Ethics – Members subscribing to the Association agree to:

  • Act with honesty and integrity in all dealings
  • Maintain objectivity and independence in all circumstances, ensuring that members are free from conflicts of interest.
  • Exercise competence and due care. Members must continuously aim to improve their relevant skills and actively seek to keep their knowledge up to date.
  • Members will be conscious of the rules and regulations governing their duties and strive to comply with these rules.
  • Members will continually seek ways in which they can improve the service that they provide to the school and thereby fulfill the support role within the school.
  • Members will act in such a way so as not to compromise the public interest and the interests of all students.

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