Current Committee:

female-avatar President: Karen Davy
Manager Corporate Services, Belmont City College. P: 9479 2200

female-avatar Vice President: Cheryl Brownley
Manager Corporate Services, Atwell College P: 9414 4300

male-avatar Secretary: Suzanne Rowley
Manager of Business Operations, John Curtin College of the Arts P: 9433 7210

female-avatar Treasurer: Rebecca Wilkinson
Manager Corporate Services, Busselton Senior High School P: 9754 9304

female-avatar Website: Fiona Wilson
Manager Corporate Services, Byford Secondary College P: 9550 6100

female-avatar Conference Convenor: Anne Tims
Manager Corporate Services, North Lake Senior Campus P: 9314 0444

female-avatar Sponsorship Coordinator: Rebecca Wilkinson
Manager Corporate Services, Busselton Senior High School P: 9754 9333

committee-avatar Committee:Merilyn Harvey
Manager Corporate Services, Kent Street Senior High School P: 9262 0500Julie Moxey
Manager Corporate Services, Seaforth Primary School P: 9398 3388

Sue Butler
Manager Corporate Services, Cecil Andrews Senior High School P: 9497 0200




The affairs of the Association shall be managed by the Executive Committee.
As a rule, the appointment of the principal officers of the Executive Committee shall be decided, from the nominated candidates, by election at the Annual General Meeting.


Committee shall comprise:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Delegates


Responsible for the successful conduct and working of the Association, including active liaison with the educational Australian association (AAGSA).


Represents the President in his/her absence and will carry out such other duties as directed by the Executive Committee.


Custodian of records and minute book of the Association and conduct the affairs of the Association in accordance with its Constitution and under the instructions of the Executive Committee.


Have charge and management of the funds of the Association ie: receipts, payments, financial reporting, membership list, audits.


Executive Committee
Roles as delegated eg: membership liaison, conference committee, finance investigations, HRMIS reviews etc.


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